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Definition The telencephalon is the name for a large The telencephalon is the name for a large region within the brain that is attributed many functions. Many people refer to it as the cerebrum; however, it is technically referred to as the telencephalon. As a more technical definition, the telencephalon refers to the cerebral hemispheres and other, smaller structures within the brain, although the telencephalon is one of the larger divisions (in terms of number). It is the anterior-most embryological division of the brain that develops from the prosencephalon. The telencephalon is composed of the following sub-regions; Limbic system; Cerebral cortex or cortices of the cerebral hemispheres, Basal ganglia, Olfactory bulb. The telencephalon comprises what most people think of as the "brain." It lies on top of the brainstem and is the largest and most well-developed of the five major divisions of the brain. The telencephalon is the newest structure in the phylogenetic sense, with mammals having the largest and most well-developed among all species. It emerges from the prosencephalon, the first of three vesicles that form from the embryonic neural tube (Christine Fennema-Notestine). neural tube (Christine Fennema-Notestine).
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Amygdala +, Ansa lenticularis +, Anterior commissure +, Anterior olfactory nucleus +, Anterior parolfactory sulcus +, Basal forebrain +, Basal telencephalon +, Bed nucleus of stria terminalis +, Callosal sulcus +, Claustral amygdaloid area +, Claustrum +, Corona radiata +, Corpus callosum +, External capsule +, Extreme capsule +, Globus pallidus +, Hippocampal commissure +, Hippocampal rudiment +, Induseum griseum +, Internal capsule +, Is part of
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