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D1 receptor
D2 receptorD2 receptor (nifext 5834)D2 receptor (nifext 5838)
D2 receptor (nifext 5841)D3 receptorD3 receptor (nifext 6752)
D3 receptor (nifext 6756)D3 receptor (nifext 6759)D4 receptor
D4 receptor (nifext 7164)D4 receptor (nifext 7167)D4 receptor (nifext 7170)
D5 receptorD5 receptor (nifext 7275)D5 receptor (nifext 7278)
D5 receptor (nifext 7281)DALcl1 lineage neuronDALcl2 lineage neuron
DALcm1 lineage neuronDALcm2 lineage neuronDALd1 lineage neuron
DALl1 lineage neuronDALv1 lineage neuronDALv2 lineage neuron
DALv3 lineage neuronDAMd1 lineage neuronDAMd2 lineage neuron
DAMd3 lineage neuronDAMv1 lineage neuronDAMv2 lineage neuron
DDD, P,P'-DDE, P,P'-DDT, O,P'-
DDT, P,P'-DICOM Accession Number
DICOM administration attributeDICOM termDI fascicle
DJ-1 Mutant DrosophilaDL fascicleDL neuron
DMP2 ILP7 neuron of abdominal segment 6
DMP2 ILP7 neuron of abdominal segment 7DMP2 ILP7 neuron of abdominal segment 8DMP2 ILP7 neuron of abdominal segment 9
DMP2 neuronDMVH2003 parcellation schemeDMVH2003 parcellation scheme parcel
DM fascicleDN1 neuronDN1a neuron
DN1p neuronDN2 neuronDN3 neuron
DN3a neuronDNADNA methylation
DNA microarrayDNA specific probeDNQX
DOPADPLal1 lineage neuronDPLal2 lineage neuron
DPLal3 lineage neuronDPLam lineage neuronDPLc1 lineage neuron
DPLc2 lineage neuronDPLc3 lineage neuronDPLc4 lineage neuron
DPLc5 lineage neuronDPLcv lineage neuronDPLd lineage neuron
DPLl1 lineage neuronDPLl2 lineage neuronDPLl3 lineage neuron
DPLm1 lineage neuronDPLm2 lineage neuronDPLp1 lineage neuron
DPLp2 lineage neuronDPMl1 lineage neuronDPMl2 lineage neuron
DPMl3 lineage neuronDPMl4 lineage neuronDPMm1 lineage neuron
DPMm2 lineage neuronDPMm3 lineage neuronDPMpl1 lineage neuron
DPMpl2 lineage neuronDPMpl3 lineage neuron.DPMpl4 lineage neuron
DPMpm1 lineage neuronDPMpm2 lineage neuronDP receptor
DP receptor (nifext 7097)DP receptor (nifext 7100)DP receptor (nifext 7103)
DRG IA cellDRG IB cellDRG II cell
DRG Meissner's corpuscle cellDRG Merckel disc cellDRG Pacinian corpuscle cell
DRG hair follicle cellDRG pain cellDRG temperature cell
DVH DataDVH Dose Scaling
DVH Maximum DoseDVH Mean DoseDVH Minimum Dose
DVH Normalization Dose ValueDVH Normalization PointDVH Number of Bins
DVH ROI Contribution TypeDVH Referenced ROI SequenceDVH Sequence
DVH TypeDVH Volume UnitsD Dopa
Dalian University of Technology; Dalian; ChinaDamageDamaged
Danish Agency for Science Technology and InnovationDanish National Research FoundationDantrolene
DaptomycinDarbepoetin alfaDarifenacin
Dark-field imaging protocolDark-field transmission optical imaging protocolDark Material
Dark blueDark brownDark current
Dark cyanDark greenDark grey
Dark magentaDark orangeDark pale pink
Dark phaseDark purpleDark rearing paradigm
Dark redDark red brownDark violet
Dark yellowDartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
Dartmouth College; New Hampshire; USADartmouth Medical School; New Hampshire; USADarunavir
Data Element TemplateData Information SequenceData Point Columns
Data Point RowsData RepresentationData Set Subtype
Data Set TypeData access protocolData acquisition software
Data analysis serviceData analysis software
Data analytics softwareData analyzerData attribute
Data citationData citation serviceData compression software
Data distribution softwareData management
Data management softwareData objectData or information resource
Data processing software
Data repositoryData role
Data sensor feedData set
Data storage softwareData transfer softwareData transformation
Data transformation objectiveData visualization software
DateTimeDate of Last Calibration
Date of Last Detector CalibrationDate of Secondary CaptureDative shift
DaughterDaunorubicinDavid Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA; California; USA
Davidson College; North Carolina; USADch3 / 1 neuronDch3 neuron
De-coupled NucleusDe-couplingDe-coupling Chemical Shift Reference
De-coupling FrequencyDe-coupling MethodDead
Dead Time Correction FlagDead Time FactorDeafmutism-retinal degeneration syndrome
DecapodaDecapodiformesDecay Correction
Decay FactorDecay of activationDecayed
DeceptionDeception taskDecerebrate preparation
DecibelDeciduous (generic)Deciduous (plant)
Decimate/Crop ResultDecisionDecision making
DecitabineDeclarative knowledgeDeclarative memory
Declarative ruleDeclive (VI) of ABA 2009Decreased
Decreased AreaDecreased OsmolalityDecreased acidity
Decreased ageDecreased bindingDecreased circumference
Decreased co-expressionDecreased co-stainingDecreased coiling
Decreased concentrationDecreased consumptionDecreased contractility
Decreased coordinationDecreased curvatureDecreased density
Decreased depthDecreased diameterDecreased distance
Decreased distributionDecreased duration of temperatureDecreased efficiency
Decreased elevationDecreased expressionDecreased fatigability
Decreased fecundityDecreased female fertilityDecreased female receptivity
Decreased fertilityDecreased flexibilityDecreased flow
Decreased fluorescenceDecreased frequencyDecreased functionality
Decreased gene expressionDecreased heightDecreased intensity
Decreased lengthDecreased life spanDecreased magnetism
Decreased magnitudeDecreased male fertilityDecreased male receptivity
Decreased massDecreased numberDecreased occurrence
Decreased odorDecreased osmolarityDecreased perimeter
Decreased periodDecreased permeabilityDecreased photosensitivity
Decreased positionDecreased pressureDecreased radioactivity
Decreased rateDecreased relaxationDecreased resistance to
Decreased sensitivity of occurrentDecreased sensitivity of occurrent to oxygenDecreased sensitivity to irradiation
Decreased sensitivity towardDecreased sizeDecreased solubility
Decreased speedDecreased stainingDecreased strength
Decreased susceptibility towardDecreased temperatureDecreased thickness

*Note: Neurolex imports many terms and their ids from existing community ontologies, e.g., the Gene Ontology. Neurolex, however, is a dynamic site and any content beyond the identifier should not be presumed to reflect the content or views of the source ontology. Users should consult with the authoritative source for each ontology for current information.