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E-1 neuronE-2 neuronE-T neuron
E3 ubiquitin ligase SFC complex Skp1 subunitE46K Alpha-Synuclein DrosophilaEAAT1
EA bundle of antennal mechanosensory and motor center
EG neuronEH neurosecretory neuronEL neuron
EN neuronEP1 receptor
EP2 receptor
EP3 receptor
EP4 receptor
ETA receptor
ETB receptor
ETH Zurich; Zurich; Switzerland
EW1 neuronEW2 neuron
EW3 neuronEW neuronEaling Hospital; London; United Kingdom
EarEar Punch and Tag
Early-Onset Globoid Cell LeukodystrophyEarly adult
Early adult humanEarly adult zebrafishEarly elderly
Early endosomeEarly infantEarly newborn
Early prenatalEarly social communications scalesEast Carolina University; Carolina; USA
East Tennessee State University; Tennessee; USAEast Tennessee State University Quillen College of MedicineEastern Health Alliance
Eating-drinkingEating disorderEating paradigm
Eb-no neuronEb-pb-vbo neuronEcho Number
Echo Planar Pulse SequenceEcho Pulse SequenceEcho Time
Echo Train LengthEcho planar imaging protocolEchoic memory
EcholocationEcholocation sensationEchothiophate Iodide
Ecole Normale Superieure; Paris; FranceEcole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne; Lausanne; SwitzerlandEcole des Mines d'Ales; Ales; France
EconazoleEconomic and Social Research CouncilEconomic effects
Ectocalcarine sulcusEctocalcarine sulcus of PHT00Ectorhinal area/Layer 1 of ABA 2009
Ectorhinal area/Layer 2/3 of ABA 2009Ectorhinal area/Layer 5 of ABA 2009Ectorhinal area/Layer 6a of ABA 2009
Ectorhinal area/Layer 6b of ABA 2009Ectorhinal area of ABA 2009Ectorhinal area of Swanson 2004
EculizumabEdematousEdetic Acid
Edge detectionEdibilityEdinburgh handedness inventory
Edinger-Westphal nucleus of ABA 2009Edinger-Westphal nucleus of PHT00
EdrophoniumEducation assessmentEducation program
Effective Echo TimeEfferentEfferent vestibular nucleus of ABA 2009
Effortful processingEgocentricEicosanoid lipid
Eidetic memoryEighth cervical dorsal root ganglionEighth cervical spinal cord segment
Eighth thoracic dorsal root ganglionEighth thoracic spinal cord segmentEindhoven University of Technology; North Brabant; Netherlands
Elaborative processingElaborative rehearsalElastic
ElasticityElderlyElectical overshoot
Electric potentialElectrical conductionElectrical drift
Electrical offsetElectrical recording assayElectrical recording protocol
Electrical saturationElectrical sensationElectrocardiography recording protocol
Electroception stimulus transductionElectrode
Electroencephalography recording protocolElectrogenic PumpElectromagnetic (EM) radiation quality
Electromotive forceElectromyography surface recording protocolElectron-dense
Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy imaging protocolElectron microscopeElectron microscopic imaging assay
Electron microscopy imaging protocolElectron microscopy immunolabeling protocol
Electron tomography imaging protocolElectron tomography softwareElectronic laboratory notebook
Electrophoresis instrumentElectrophysiologicalElectrophysiology
Electrophysiology conceptElectrophysiology theoryElectrosurgery
Electrosurgical instrumentElectrotonic SynapseElectrotonic conduction
Electrotonic potentialElectrotonusEletriptan
Elevated plus maze testElevationEleventh thoracic dorsal root ganglion
Eleventh thoracic spinal cord segmentEli Lilly and CompanyEllipsoid body
Ellipsoid body anterior shellEllipsoid body inner ringEllipsoid body layer
Ellipsoid body outer ringEllipsoid body posterior shellEllipsoid body segment
Ellipsoid body segment 1Ellipsoid body segment 2Ellipsoid body segment 3
Ellipsoid body segment 4Ellipsoid body segment 5Ellipsoid body segment 6
Ellipsoid body segment 7Ellipsoid body segment 8Ellipsoid body shell
Embedded figures testEmboliform nucleusEmbryo dog
Embryo humanEmbryo mouseEmbryo pig
Embryo ratEmbryo xenopusEmbryogenesis
Embryoid bodyEmbryonicEmbryonic / larval CNS perineurial glial cell
Embryonic / larval CNS subperineurial glial cellEmbryonic / larval PNS perineurial glial cellEmbryonic / larval abdominal 8 nerve
Embryonic / larval antennal lobeEmbryonic / larval antennal lobe glomerulusEmbryonic / larval antennal lobe projection neuron
Embryonic / larval antennal nerveEmbryonic / larval antenno-cerebral tractEmbryonic / larval brain
Embryonic / larval carpet glial cellEmbryonic / larval cell body glial cellEmbryonic / larval central nervous system
Embryonic / larval cervical connectiveEmbryonic / larval cholinergic antennal lobe projection neuronEmbryonic / larval corpus allatum innervating neuron
Embryonic / larval corpus cardiacum innervating neuronEmbryonic / larval dMP2 ILP7 neuronEmbryonic / larval deuterocerebrum
Embryonic / larval distal satellite glial cellEmbryonic / larval epithelial glial cellEmbryonic / larval eye disc marginal glial cell
Embryonic / larval frontal ganglionEmbryonic / larval frontal nerveEmbryonic / larval glial cell
Embryonic / larval head nerveEmbryonic / larval hypocerebral ganglionEmbryonic / larval labial nerve
Embryonic / larval labral nerveEmbryonic / larval marginal glial cellEmbryonic / larval maxillary nerve
Embryonic / larval neuronEmbryonic / larval olfactory receptor neuronEmbryonic / larval optic lobe
Embryonic / larval optic neuropilEmbryonic / larval optic stalkEmbryonic / larval optic stalk sheath cell
Embryonic / larval optic stalk surface glial cellEmbryonic / larval peripheral nervous systemEmbryonic / larval posterior cervical tract
Embryonic / larval protocerebral commissureEmbryonic / larval protocerebral connectiveEmbryonic / larval protocerebrum
Embryonic / larval recurrent nerveEmbryonic / larval satellite glial cellEmbryonic / larval stomatogastric nervous system
Embryonic / larval subesophageal ganglionEmbryonic / larval subesophageal ganglion area 1Embryonic / larval subesophageal ganglion area 2
Embryonic / larval subesophageal ganglion area 3Embryonic / larval subesophageal ganglion area 4Embryonic / larval supraesophageal connective
Embryonic / larval tritocerebral commissureEmbryonic / larval tritocerebrumEmbryonic / larval uniglomerular antennal lobe projection neuron
Embryonic / larval ventricular ganglionEmbryonic / larval wrapping glial cellEmbryonic Caenorhabditis elegans
Embryonic abdominal 1 neuromereEmbryonic abdominal 2 neuromereEmbryonic abdominal 3 neuromere
Embryonic abdominal 4 neuromereEmbryonic abdominal 5 neuromereEmbryonic abdominal 6 neuromere
Embryonic abdominal 7 neuromereEmbryonic abdominal 8 neuromereEmbryonic abdominal 9 neuromere
Embryonic abdominal neuromereEmbryonic brainEmbryonic cat
Embryonic central brainEmbryonic central brain glial cellEmbryonic central brain neuron
Embryonic central brain pars intercerebralisEmbryonic central brain surface gliaEmbryonic chimpanzee
Embryonic deuterocerebral neuromereEmbryonic deuterocerebrumEmbryonic dog
Embryonic drosophilaEmbryonic esophageal ganglionEmbryonic ferret
Embryonic fiber tractEmbryonic frontal ganglionEmbryonic human
Embryonic hypocerebral ganglionEmbryonic labial neuromereEmbryonic mandibular neuromere
Embryonic maxillary neuromereEmbryonic mesothoracic neuromereEmbryonic metathoracic neuromere
Embryonic mouseEmbryonic organismEmbryonic outer optic lobe
Embryonic peripheral glial cell 1Embryonic peripheral glial cell 10Embryonic peripheral glial cell 11
Embryonic peripheral glial cell 12Embryonic peripheral glial cell 2Embryonic peripheral glial cell 3
Embryonic peripheral glial cell 4Embryonic peripheral glial cell 5Embryonic peripheral glial cell 6
Embryonic peripheral glial cell 7Embryonic peripheral glial cell 8Embryonic peripheral glial cell 9
Embryonic pigEmbryonic prothoracic neuromereEmbryonic protocerebral neuromere
Embryonic protocerebrumEmbryonic proventricular ganglionEmbryonic rabbit
Embryonic ratEmbryonic stem cellEmbryonic stomatogastric nervous system
Embryonic subesophageal neuromereEmbryonic supraesophageal neuromereEmbryonic thoracic neuromere
Embryonic tritocerebral neuromereEmbryonic tritocerebrumEmbryonic ventral neuromere
Embryonic xenopusEmbryonic zebrafishEmedastine
Emmetropic MagnificationEmory University; Georgia; USAEmory University School of Medicine; Georgia; USA
Emory testsEmotion

*Note: Neurolex imports many terms and their ids from existing community ontologies, e.g., the Gene Ontology. Neurolex, however, is a dynamic site and any content beyond the identifier should not be presumed to reflect the content or views of the source ontology. Users should consult with the authoritative source for each ontology for current information.