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F-actinFFA1 receptorFFA1 receptor (nifext 7683)
FFA1 receptor (nifext 7686)FFA1 receptor (nifext 7689)FFA2 receptor
FFA2 receptor (nifext 7470)FFA2 receptor (nifext 7473)FFA3 receptor
FFA3 receptor (nifext 7831)FFA3 receptor (nifext 7834)FFA3 receptor (nifext 7837)
FI slopeFM4-64FMRFamide SE2 neuron
FMRFamide SE3 neuron
FMRI betaFOSFP receptor
FP receptor (nifext 6633)FP receptor (nifext 6637)FP receptor (nifext 6640)
FRQSFSH receptorFSH receptor (nifext 6825)
FSH receptor (nifext 6829)FSH receptor (nifext 6832)FVB
FVB-Tg(YAC128)53Hay/JFVB.Cg-Tg(SMN2)89Ahmb Smn1tm1Msd/JFVB.Cg-Tg(SMN2)89Ahmb Smn1tm1Msd/J mouse
FVB.Cg-Tg(SMN2*delta7)4299Ahmb Tg(SMN2)89Ahmb Smn1tm1Msd/JFVB.Cg-Tg(SMN2*delta7)4299Ahmb Tg(SMN2)89Ahmb Smn1tm1Msd/J mouseFVB/NJ
F boutonF cell group of the vestibular complex of PHT00F mating type
F minus mating typeF the board) and test administration (e.g. presentation rateFace monitor-discrimination
Face n-back taskFace perceptionFace processing
Face recognitionFacelinidaeFacial (accessory) nucleus
Facial expressionFacial motor nucleus of ABA 2009Facial nerve
Facial nerve rootFacial nucleusFacial nucleus dorsal/lateral subnucleus of PHT00
Facial nucleus dorsal intermediate subnucleus of PHT00Facial nucleus dorsal subnucleus of PHT00Facial nucleus dorsolateral subnucleus of PHT00
Facial nucleus dorsomedial subnucleus of PHT00Facial nucleus lateral subnucleus of PHT00Facial nucleus motor neuron
Facial nucleus of PHT00Facial nucleus ventral intermediate subnucleus of PHT00Facial nucleus ventral subnucleus of PHT00
Facial nucleus ventromedial subnucleus of PHT00FacilitationFacioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy
Fact sheetFagerstrom test for nicotine dependence
Failed SOP Instance UID ListFailed SOP SequenceFailure Attributes
Failure ReasonFalse memoryFalx cerebri
FamciclovirFamilial Benign Neonatal EpilepsyFamilial Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
Familial DysautonomiaFamilial Olivopontocerebellar AtrophyFamilial Retinoblastoma
Familial juvenile macular degenerationFamilial macular degenerationFamilial member assessment
Familial pseudoinflammatory macular degenerationFamilial roleFamiliarity
FamilyFamily Interview for Genetics StudiesFamotidine
Fan-shaped bodyFan-shaped body layerFan-shaped body layer 1
Fan-shaped body layer 2Fan-shaped body layer 3Fan-shaped body layer 4
Fan-shaped body layer 5Fan-shaped body layer 6Fan-shaped body segment pair W
Fan-shaped body segment pair XFan-shaped body segment pair YFan-shaped body segment pair Z
Fan-shaped neuronFan-shaped neuron F1Fan-shaped neuron F2
Fan-shaped neuron F3Fan-shaped neuron F4Fan-shaped neuron F5
Fan-shaped neuron F6Fascia dentataFasciated
Fascicle (FBbt Term)Fascicle of optic fociFascicled
FasciculatedFasciculationFasciculosus nucleus of PHT00
FasciculusFasciculus retroflexusFasciculus retroflexus of PHT00
Fasciculus retroflexus of WHS11Fasciola cinereaFasciola cinerea of ABA 2009
Fasciola cinerea of Swanson 2004Fasciola cinereum-CA1 of RHA11
Fasciola cinereum-DG of RHA11Fasciola cinereum of PHT00Fasciola cinereum of RHA11
Fasciolar gyrusFast Fourier transformFast afterhyperpolarization amplitude
Fast afterhyperpolarization durationFast blueFast pain sensation
Fast potentialFast twitch skeletal muscle cellFast twitch type A skeletal muscle cell
Fastigial nucleusFastigial nucleus of ABA 2009Fat-suppressed MRI 2D image
Fat-suppressed MRI 3D imageFatal Familial InsomniaFather
Father's educationFather's occupationFather's occupation (birnlex 3022)
FatigabilityFatty acidFavorites assessment
Fb-eb-no neuronFb-eb neuronFb-ltr neuron
Fb-no neuronFear
Fear conditioning paradigmFeature detectionFeature extraction
Febrile SeizuresFecundityFederal University of Rio Grande do Sul; Rio Grande do Sul; Brazil
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; Rio de Janeiro; BrazilFeed-forward inhibitionFeedback
FelinaeFelisFelis catus domesticus
Female fertileFemale fertilityFemale pseudohermaphrodite
Female receptivityFemale semi-fertileFemale semi-sterile
Female sterileFenestratedFenestrated glial cell
FerretFerrier 1876 Parcellation schemeFerrier 1876 Parcellation scheme region
FertileFertilityFetal alcohol syndrome
Fetus dogFetus humanFetus mouse
Fetus pigFetus ratFexofenadine
Fiat object partFiat process partFiber
Fiber systemFibers of PHT00Fibril
Fibrillary InclusionFibrous AstrocyteFiducial Description
Fiducial IdentifierFiducial Identifier Code SequenceFiducial Sequence
Fiducial Set SequenceFiducial UIDField CA1' of hippocampus of PHT00
Field CA1 of ABA 2009Field CA1 of Swanson 2004Field CA1 of hippocampus of PHT00
Field CA1 pyramidal layer of ABA 2009Field CA1 pyramidal layer of Swanson 2004Field CA1 stratum lacunosum-moleculare of ABA 2009
Field CA1 stratum lacunosum-moleculare of Swanson 2004Field CA1 stratum oriens of ABA 2009Field CA1 stratum oriens of Swanson 2004
Field CA1 stratum radiatum of ABA 2009Field CA1 stratum radiatum of Swanson 2004Field CA2 of ABA 2009
Field CA2 of Swanson 2004Field CA2 of hippocampus of PHT00Field CA2 pyramidal layer of ABA 2009
Field CA2 pyramidal layer of Swanson 2004Field CA2 stratum lacunosum-moleculare of ABA 2009Field CA2 stratum lacunosum-moleculare of Swanson 2004
Field CA2 stratum oriens of ABA 2009Field CA2 stratum oriens of Swanson 2004Field CA2 stratum radiatum of ABA 2009
Field CA2 stratum radiatum of Swanson 2004Field CA3 of ABA 2009Field CA3 of Swanson 2004
Field CA3 of hippocampus of PHT00Field CA3 pyramidal layer of ABA 2009Field CA3 pyramidal layer of Swanson 2004
Field CA3 stratum lacunosum-moleculare of ABA 2009Field CA3 stratum lacunosum-moleculare of Swanson 2004Field CA3 stratum lucidum of ABA 2009
Field CA3 stratum lucidum of Swanson 2004Field CA3 stratum oriens of ABA 2009Field CA3 stratum oriens of Swanson 2004
Field CA3 stratum radiatum of ABA 2009Field CA3 stratum radiatum of Swanson 2004Field CA4 of the hippocampus of PHT00
Field H1 of ForelField LField electrode recording protocol
Field of View DimensionsField of View Horizontal FlipField of View Origin
Field of View RotationField of View ShapeFields of Forel of ABA 2009
Fifth cervical dorsal root ganglionFifth cervical spinal cord segmentFifth lumbar dorsal root ganglion
Fifth lumbar spinal cord segmentFifth sacral dorsal root ganglionFifth sacral spinal cord segment
Fifth thoracic dorsal root ganglionFifth thoracic spinal cord segmentFigure ground
Figure ground relationsFigure ground reversalFigure ground segregation
FilamentFilamentous (PATO 0001360)Filamentous Molecular Configuration
FilgrastimFiliform papillaFiller Order Number / Imaging Service Request
Filler Order Number / ProcedureFilm Box Content SequenceFilm Session Label
Film viewingFilopodiaFilopodial Spine Quality
FilopodiumFilterFilter High Frequency
Filter Low FrequencyFilter MaterialFilter Thickness Maximum
Filter Thickness MinimumFilter TypeFilter order
Filter test assay of aggregationFiltered R-weighted back projectionFiltering
Fimbria Fornix of CIVM postnatal rat brain atlasFimbria of WHS11Fimbria of hippocampus
Final Cumulative Meterset WeightFinal Cumulative Time WeightFinasteride
Fine arborization relay interneuronFingerFinger tapping task
Firing frequencyFirst Order Phase CorrectionFirst Order Phase Correction Angle
First Treatment DateFirst cervical dorsal root ganglionFirst cervical spinal cord segment
First lumbar dorsal root ganglionFirst lumbar spinal cord segmentFirst optic chiasm
First order thalamic relay nucleusFirst sacral dorsal root ganglionFirst sacral spinal cord segment
First spike latencyFirst thoracic dorsal root ganglionFirst thoracic spinal cord segment
First trimesterFixationFixation Device Description
Fixation Device LabelFixation Device PositionFixation Device Sequence
Fixation Device TypeFixation protocolFixation task
FixativeFixed action patternsFlaky
Flame-shaped Neurofibrillary TangleFlangeFlashing checkerboard
FlatFlattened Vesicle QualityFlavor