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I1 motor neuronIA ganglion cellIB ganglion cell
III1 motor neuronIII3 motor neuron
II ganglion cellILSI Health and Environmental Sciences Institute
INRA - French National Institute for Agricultural Research; Paris; FranceINRA Rennes
IP1 receptor
IP3R Type 1
IP3R Type 2IP3R Type 3IP neuron
IRCCSIRCCS Centro San Giovanni di Dio - FatebenefratelliIRCCS SDN Foundation; Naples; Italy
IST National Institute for Cancer Research; Genoa; ItalyIVUS AcquisitionIVUS Gated Rate
IVUS Pullback RateIVUS Pullback Start Frame NumberIVUS Pullback Stop Frame Number
I K,CaI L high thresholdI M
I MixedI NI T low threshold
I hI p,qIbandronate
Ibotenic acidIbritumomabIbuprofen
IbutilideIcahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai; New York; USAIcodextrin
Icon Image SequenceIconic memory
IcosapentIctalIdaho State University, College of Pharmacy
Idaho State University; Idaho; USAIdarubicinIdentical Documents Sequence
Identical twin brotherIdentical twin sisterIdentifier mapping resource
Identifier resolutionIdentifying valueIdoxuridine
IdursulfaseIfosfamideIllicit drug
Illinois Cancer Specialists; Illinois; USAIllinois Institute of Technology; Illinois; USAIllocutionary force
IlluminationIllumination Type Code SequenceIloprost
ImageImage Area Dose ProductImage Box Content Sequence
Image Box Presentation LUT FlagImage Center Point Coordinates SequenceImage Comments
Image DimensionsImage FormatImage Frame Origin
Image Geometry TypeImage Horizontal FlipImage ID
Image IndexImage LateralityImage Location
Image OrientationImage Orientation (Patient)Image Origin
Image Overlay Box Content SequenceImage Overlay FlagImage Path Filter Pass-Through Wavelength
Image Path Filter Pass BandImage Path Filter Type Stack Code SequenceImage Plane Pixel Spacing
Image PositionImage Position (Patient)Image Position–Patient
Image RotationImage Transformation MatrixImage Translation Vector
Image TypeImage acquisition protocolImage acquisition software
Image analysis softwareImage collectionImage creation
Image data resourceImage interpretation attributeImage processing software
Image reconstruction algorithmImage reconstruction softwareImage registration
Image repositoryImage resourceImageability
Imaged NucleusImageryImages in Acquisition
Imagined movementImagined objects-scenesImaging Device-Specific Acquisition Parameters
Imaging FrequencyImaging Service Request Comments
Imaging assayImaging data attributeImaging hardware attribute
Imaging instrumentImaging platformImaging procedure attribute
Imaging protocol attributeImaging role
Immature Insulin GranuleImmature chimpanzeeImmature dog
Immature humanImmature mouseImmature organism
Immature ratImmature zebrafishImmediate recall test
Immune globulinImmuno detection protocolImmunoadsorption
ImmunocytochemistryImmunocytochemistry protocolImmunofluorescence
Immunogold protocolImmunohistochemical protocolImmunohistochemistry
ImmunolabelingImmunolabeling protocolImmunology
Immunoprecipitation assayImmunoprecipitation protocolImperforate
Imperial College London; London; United KingdomImpermeableImplant Present
Implicit knowledgeImplicit memory
ImpulsivityIn-concatenation NumberIn-concatenation Total Number
In-plane Phase Encoding DirectionIn-situ hybridizationIn-situ hybridization protocol
In-stack Position NumberIn column energy filterIn contact with
In vivoIn vivo Immunolabeling protocol
In vivo calcium imaging assayIn vivo imaging assayInactive
InattentionInborn Metabolic Brain Disease
Inbred mouse strainInbred rat strainIncidental learning
Include Display ApplicationInclude Non-DICOM ObjectsIncompatible
InconspicuousIncreasedIncreased Area
Increased OsmolalityIncreased acidityIncreased age
Increased bindingIncreased circumferenceIncreased co-expression
Increased co-stainingIncreased coilingIncreased concentration
Increased consumptionIncreased contractilityIncreased coordination
Increased curvatureIncreased densityIncreased depth
Increased diameterIncreased distanceIncreased distribution
Increased duration of temperatureIncreased efficiencyIncreased elevation
Increased expressionIncreased fatigabilityIncreased fecundity
Increased female fertilityIncreased female receptivityIncreased fertility
Increased flexibilityIncreased flowIncreased fluorescence
Increased frequencyIncreased functionalityIncreased gene expression
Increased heightIncreased intensityIncreased length
Increased life spanIncreased magnetismIncreased magnitude
Increased male fertilityIncreased male receptivityIncreased mass
Increased numberIncreased occurrenceIncreased odor
Increased osmolarityIncreased perimeterIncreased period
Increased permeabilityIncreased photosensitivityIncreased position
Increased pressureIncreased radioactivityIncreased rate
Increased relaxationIncreased resistance toIncreased sensitivity of occurrent
Increased sensitivity of occurrent to oxygenIncreased sensitivity to irradiationIncreased sensitivity toward
Increased sizeIncreased solubilityIncreased speed
Increased stainingIncreased strengthIncreased susceptibility toward
Increased temperatureIncreased thicknessIncreased threshold
Increased timeIncreased tonicityIncreased turgor
Increased variabilityIncreased variability of colorIncreased variability of rate
Increased variability of sizeIncreased variability of temperatureIncreased viscosity
Increased volumeIncreased weightIncreased wetness
Increased widthIncubationIndapamide
IndecainideIndented Nucleus QualityIndependent Components Analysis
Independent continuantIndependent self-construalIndian Council of Medical Research; New Delhi; India
Indian Institute of Science; Bangalore; IndiaIndian Institute of Technology Kanpur; Uttar Pradesh; IndiaIndiana University; Indiana; USA
Indiana University Bloomington; Indiana; USAIndiana University School of Medicine; Indiana; USAIndifference
IndignationIndinavirIndirect flight muscle motor neuron
Indirect flight muscle motor neuron MN1Indirect flight muscle motor neuron MN2Indirect flight muscle motor neuron MN3
Indirect flight muscle motor neuron MN4Indirect flight muscle motor neuron MN5Indiscriminate
Individual body part movementIndomethacinInduction
Inductive inferenceInductive reasoningInductive reasoning activity
Inductive reasoning aptitudeInductive reasoning function
Induseum griseumInduseum griseum of ABA 2009Indusium griseum of PHT00
Indusium griseum of Swanson 2004InefficientInelastic
InfantInfant chimpanzeeInfant human
Infant organismInfant ratInfantile Globoid Cell Leukodystrophy
Infantile Myoclonic EpilepsyInfantile SpasmsInfectious disease
InferenceInferior Parietal SulcusInferior VLP commissure
Inferior antennal lobe commissureInferior arcuate sulcus of PHT00Inferior bridge

*Note: Neurolex imports many terms and their ids from existing community ontologies, e.g., the Gene Ontology. Neurolex, however, is a dynamic site and any content beyond the identifier should not be presumed to reflect the content or views of the source ontology. Users should consult with the authoritative source for each ontology for current information.