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I1 motor neuronIA ganglion cellIB ganglion cell
III1 motor neuronIII3 motor neuronII ganglion cell
ILSI Health and Environmental Sciences Institute
INRA - French National Institute for Agricultural Research; Paris; FranceINRA Rennes
IP1 receptorIP1 receptor (nifext 7285)IP1 receptor (nifext 7288)
IP1 receptor (nifext 7291)IP3R Type 1IP3R Type 2
IP3R Type 3IP neuronISNb
ISNdIST National Institute for Cancer Research; Genoa; Italy
IVUS AcquisitionIVUS Gated RateIVUS Pullback Rate
IVUS Pullback Start Frame NumberIVUS Pullback Stop Frame NumberI A, slow
I K,CaI L high threshold
I MI MixedI N
I T low thresholdI hI p,q
IbandronateIbotenic acidIbritumomab
IbuprofenIbutilideIcahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai; New York; USA
IcodextrinIcon Image SequenceIconic memory
Idaho State University, College of PharmacyIdaho State University; Idaho; USAIdarubicin
Identical Documents SequenceIdentical twin brotherIdentical twin sister
Identifier mapping resourceIdentifier resolutionIdentifying value
Illicit drugIllinois Cancer Specialists; Illinois; USAIllinois Institute of Technology; Illinois; USA
Illocutionary forceIlluminationIllumination Type Code Sequence
IloprostImageImage Area Dose Product
Image Box Content SequenceImage Box Presentation LUT FlagImage Center Point Coordinates Sequence
Image CommentsImage DimensionsImage Format
Image Frame OriginImage Geometry TypeImage Horizontal Flip
Image IDImage IndexImage Laterality
Image LocationImage OrientationImage Orientation (Patient)
Image OriginImage Overlay Box Content SequenceImage Overlay Flag
Image Path Filter Pass-Through WavelengthImage Path Filter Pass BandImage Path Filter Type Stack Code Sequence
Image Plane Pixel SpacingImage PositionImage Position (Patient)
Image Position–PatientImage RotationImage Transformation Matrix
Image Translation VectorImage TypeImage acquisition protocol
Image acquisition softwareImage analysis softwareImage collection
Image creationImage data resourceImage interpretation attribute
Image processing softwareImage reconstruction algorithmImage reconstruction software
Image registrationImage repositoryImage resource
ImageabilityImaged NucleusImagery
Images in AcquisitionImagined movementImagined objects-scenes
Imaging Device-Specific Acquisition ParametersImaging FrequencyImaging Service Request Comments
Imaging assayImaging data attribute
Imaging hardware attributeImaging instrumentImaging platform
Imaging procedure attributeImaging protocol attribute
Imaging roleImatinibImiglucerase
ImmatureImmature Insulin GranuleImmature chimpanzee
Immature dogImmature humanImmature mouse
Immature organismImmature ratImmature zebrafish
Immediate recall testImmersionImmobile
ImmortalImmune globulinImmuno detection protocol
ImmunoadsorptionImmunocytochemistryImmunocytochemistry protocol
ImmunofluorescenceImmunogold protocolImmunohistochemical protocol
ImmunohistochemistryImmunolabelingImmunolabeling protocol
ImmunologyImmunoprecipitation assayImmunoprecipitation protocol
ImperforateImperial College London; London; United KingdomImpermeable
Implant PresentImplicit knowledgeImplicit memory
ImpulseImpulsivityIn-concatenation Number
In-concatenation Total NumberIn-plane Phase Encoding DirectionIn-situ hybridization
In-situ hybridization protocolIn-stack Position NumberIn column energy filter
In contact withIn vivo
In vivo Immunolabeling protocolIn vivo calcium imaging assayIn vivo imaging assay
InactiveInattentionInborn Metabolic Brain Disease
Inbred mouse strainInbred rat strain
Incidental learningInclude Display ApplicationInclude Non-DICOM Objects
Increased AreaIncreased OsmolalityIncreased acidity
Increased ageIncreased bindingIncreased circumference
Increased co-expressionIncreased co-stainingIncreased coiling
Increased concentrationIncreased consumptionIncreased contractility
Increased coordinationIncreased curvatureIncreased density
Increased depthIncreased diameterIncreased distance
Increased distributionIncreased duration of temperatureIncreased efficiency
Increased elevationIncreased expressionIncreased fatigability
Increased fecundityIncreased female fertilityIncreased female receptivity
Increased fertilityIncreased flexibilityIncreased flow
Increased fluorescenceIncreased frequencyIncreased functionality
Increased gene expressionIncreased heightIncreased intensity
Increased lengthIncreased life spanIncreased magnetism
Increased magnitudeIncreased male fertilityIncreased male receptivity
Increased massIncreased numberIncreased occurrence
Increased odorIncreased osmolarityIncreased perimeter
Increased periodIncreased permeabilityIncreased photosensitivity
Increased positionIncreased pressureIncreased radioactivity
Increased rateIncreased relaxationIncreased resistance to
Increased sensitivity of occurrentIncreased sensitivity of occurrent to oxygenIncreased sensitivity to irradiation
Increased sensitivity towardIncreased sizeIncreased solubility
Increased speedIncreased stainingIncreased strength
Increased susceptibility towardIncreased temperatureIncreased thickness
Increased thresholdIncreased timeIncreased tonicity
Increased turgorIncreased variabilityIncreased variability of color
Increased variability of rateIncreased variability of sizeIncreased variability of temperature
Increased viscosityIncreased volumeIncreased weight
Increased wetnessIncreased widthIncubation
IndapamideIndecainideIndented Nucleus Quality
Independent Components AnalysisIndependent continuantIndependent self-construal
Indian Council of Medical Research; New Delhi; IndiaIndian Institute of Science; Bangalore; IndiaIndian Institute of Technology Kanpur; Uttar Pradesh; India
Indiana University; Indiana; USAIndiana University Bloomington; Indiana; USAIndiana University School of Medicine; Indiana; USA
Indirect flight muscle motor neuronIndirect flight muscle motor neuron MN1Indirect flight muscle motor neuron MN2
Indirect flight muscle motor neuron MN3Indirect flight muscle motor neuron MN4Indirect flight muscle motor neuron MN5
IndiscriminateIndividual body part movementIndomethacin
InductionInductive inferenceInductive reasoning
Inductive reasoning activityInductive reasoning aptitudeInductive reasoning function
Induseum griseumInduseum griseum of ABA 2009
Indusium griseum of PHT00Indusium griseum of Swanson 2004Inefficient
InelasticInfantInfant chimpanzee
Infant humanInfant organismInfant rat
Infantile Globoid Cell LeukodystrophyInfantile Myoclonic EpilepsyInfantile Spasms
Infectious diseaseInferenceInferior Parietal Sulcus
Inferior VLP commissureInferior antennal lobe commissureInferior arcuate sulcus of PHT00
Inferior bridgeInferior bulbInferior calcarine sulcus
Inferior calcarine sulcus of PHT00Inferior central nucleusInferior cerebellar peduncle

*Note: Neurolex imports many terms and their ids from existing community ontologies, e.g., the Gene Ontology. Neurolex, however, is a dynamic site and any content beyond the identifier should not be presumed to reflect the content or views of the source ontology. Users should consult with the authoritative source for each ontology for current information.