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L-Aspartic AcidL-CarnitineL-Citrulline
L-Glutamic AcidL-GlutamineL-Histidine
L-IsoleucineL-LNv neuronL-Leucine
L-ValineL-cone cellL1
L1 GRNL2 GRNL3 nerve
LH receptor
LLNLN Pdf neuron
LN period neuronLNd neuronLNv neuron
LOC area of Tootell and Hadjikhani (2001)LOP area of Tootell and Hadjikhani 2001
LP1 neuronLP2 neuronLPA1 receptor
LPA2 receptor
LPA3 receptor
LP neuronLSD
LUT DataLUT DescriptorLUT Explanation
LUT LabelLVp2 lineage neuron
La Trobe University; Victoria; AustraliaLabel Style SelectionLabel Text
Label Using Information Extracted From InstancesLabeled line codeLabetalol
Labial / prothoracic embryonic fiber tractLabial / prothoracic embryonic fiber tract founder clusterLabial commissure
Labial nerveLabial nerve projectionLabial neuromere
Labial segment of adult subesophageal ganglionLabial sensory centerLaboratory portal
Labral nerveLabral sense organ neuron
Lack of fertily in offspringLacking functionLacking physical part
Lacking processual partsLacks all parts of typeLacks all physical parts of type
Lacks parts or has fewer parts of typeLactationLactulose
Lacunosum moleculare layer of the hippocampus of PHT00Lafora Progressive Myoclonic EpilepsyLagomorpha
Lambdoid septal zone of PHT00Lambert-Eaton Myasthenic SyndromeLamellar Body
Lamellar Cristae QualityLamellipodial veilLamina
Lamina I of gray matter of spinal cordLamina anlageLamina anlage glial cell
Lamina cornice of PHT00Lamina dissecans of entorhinal cortexLamina dorsal rim area
Lamina forming neuroblastLamina furrowLamina intrinsic neuron
Lamina monopolar neuronLamina monopolar neuron L1Lamina monopolar neuron L2
Lamina monopolar neuron L4Lamina monopolar neuron L5Lamina of septum pellucidum
Lamina plexusLamina tangential neuronLamina terminalis of PHT00
Lamina wide-field cellLamina wide-field cell Lawf2Laminar
Laminar structureLaminated BodyLaminin complex
LamivudineLamotrigineLamprey motor neuron
LanceolateLandau-Kleffner SyndromeLandau-Kleffner syndrome
LanguageLanguage acquisitionLanguage comprehension
Language learningLanguage processingLanguage production
LansoprazoleLapatinibLarge Vesicle
Large adult Pdf neuron of abdominal neuromereLarge field neuronLarge field neuron of the central complex
Large larval Pdf neuron of the abdominal neuromereLarge somaLargest Image Pixel Value
Largest Image Pixel Value in PlaneLargest Monochrome Pixel ValueLargest Pixel Value in Series
Largest Valid Pixel ValueLaronidaseLarval
Larval Caenorhabditis elegansLarval DN1 neuronLarval DN2 neuron
Larval DN3 neuronLarval DN period neuronLarval LN period neuron
Larval LNd neuronLarval MB calyx glomerulus A1Larval MB calyx glomerulus A2
Larval MB calyx glomerulus A3Larval MB calyx glomerulus A4Larval MB calyx glomerulus A5
Larval MB calyx glomerulus D1Larval MB calyx glomerulus D2Larval MB calyx glomerulus D3
Larval MB calyx glomerulus D4Larval MB calyx glomerulus D5Larval MB calyx glomerulus I1
Larval MB calyx glomerulus I2Larval MB calyx glomerulus I3Larval MB calyx glomerulus I4
Larval MB calyx glomerulus I5Larval MB calyx glomerulus I6Larval MB calyx glomerulus I7
Larval MB calyx glomerulus L1Larval MB calyx glomerulus L10Larval MB calyx glomerulus L11
Larval MB calyx glomerulus L2Larval MB calyx glomerulus L3Larval MB calyx glomerulus L4
Larval MB calyx glomerulus L5Larval MB calyx glomerulus L6Larval MB calyx glomerulus L7
Larval MB calyx glomerulus L8Larval MB calyx glomerulus L9Larval MB calyx glomerulus M1
Larval MB calyx glomerulus M2Larval MB calyx glomerulus M3Larval MB calyx glomerulus M4
Larval MB calyx glomerulus M5Larval MB calyx glomerulus M6Larval MB calyx glomerulus V1
Larval MB calyx glomerulus V2Larval MB calyx glomerulus V3Larval MB calyx glomerulus V4
Larval MB calyx glomerulus V5Larval MB calyx glomerulus V6Larval MB calyx glomerulus V7
Larval MB calyx glomerulus V8Larval MB calyx glomerulus V9Larval Pdf negative s-LNv neuron
Larval Pdf neuronLarval Pdf neuron close to calyxLarval Pdf neuron of abdominal neuromere
Larval antennal lobe glomerulus 13aLarval antennal lobe glomerulus 1aLarval antennal lobe glomerulus 22c
Larval antennal lobe glomerulus 24aLarval antennal lobe glomerulus 30aLarval antennal lobe glomerulus 33a
Larval antennal lobe glomerulus 33b / 47aLarval antennal lobe glomerulus 35aLarval antennal lobe glomerulus 42a
Larval antennal lobe glomerulus 42bLarval antennal lobe glomerulus 45aLarval antennal lobe glomerulus 45b
Larval antennal lobe glomerulus 49aLarval antennal lobe glomerulus 59aLarval antennal lobe glomerulus 63a
Larval antennal lobe glomerulus 67bLarval antennal lobe glomerulus 74aLarval antennal lobe glomerulus 82a
Larval antennal lobe glomerulus 83aLarval antennal lobe glomerulus 85cLarval antennal lobe glomerulus 94b
Larval anterior LK leucokinin neuronLarval anterior large descending DN tachykinin neuronLarval dorsomedial neurosecretory cell
Larval drosophilaLarval fan-shaped bodyLarval inner optic anlage
Larval lateral horn LHKL leucokinin neuronLarval leucokinin ABLK neuron of the abdominal ganglionLarval leucokinin SELK neuron of the subesophageal ganglion
Larval leucokinin neuron of the central nervous systemLarval mushroom bodyLarval mushroom body calyx glomerulus
Larval neuromereLarval olfactory receptor neuron Or13aLarval olfactory receptor neuron Or1a
Larval olfactory receptor neuron Or22cLarval olfactory receptor neuron Or24aLarval olfactory receptor neuron Or30a
Larval olfactory receptor neuron Or33aLarval olfactory receptor neuron Or33b / Or47aLarval olfactory receptor neuron Or35a
Larval olfactory receptor neuron Or42aLarval olfactory receptor neuron Or42bLarval olfactory receptor neuron Or45a
Larval olfactory receptor neuron Or45bLarval olfactory receptor neuron Or49aLarval olfactory receptor neuron Or59a
Larval olfactory receptor neuron Or63aLarval olfactory receptor neuron Or67bLarval olfactory receptor neuron Or74a
Larval olfactory receptor neuron Or82aLarval olfactory receptor neuron Or83aLarval olfactory receptor neuron Or85c
Larval olfactory receptor neuron Or94bLarval optic focusLarval outer optic anlage
Larval pacemaker neuronLarval protocerebral Pr tachykinin neuronLarval protocerebral bridge
Larval s-LNv Pdf neuronLarval s-LNv neuronLarval tachykinin neuron of the central nervous system
Larval tachykinin neuron of the ventral cordLarval tritocerebral Tr tachykinin neuronLarval uniglomerular projection neuron 13a
Larval uniglomerular projection neuron 1aLarval uniglomerular projection neuron 1a-A4Larval uniglomerular projection neuron 1a-A4+L8
Larval uniglomerular projection neuron 22cLarval uniglomerular projection neuron 24aLarval uniglomerular projection neuron 30a
Larval uniglomerular projection neuron 30a-L6Larval uniglomerular projection neuron 30a-M4Larval uniglomerular projection neuron 33a
Larval uniglomerular projection neuron 33b / 47aLarval uniglomerular projection neuron 35aLarval uniglomerular projection neuron 42a
Larval uniglomerular projection neuron 42bLarval uniglomerular projection neuron 45aLarval uniglomerular projection neuron 45a-A3
Larval uniglomerular projection neuron 45a-A3+L11Larval uniglomerular projection neuron 45bLarval uniglomerular projection neuron 49a
Larval uniglomerular projection neuron 59aLarval uniglomerular projection neuron 82aLarval uniglomerular projection neuron 83a
Larval uniglomerular projection neuron 85cLarval uniglomerular projection neuron 94bLarval zebrafish
LarynxLaser captureLaser capture microdissection
Laser scanning confocal imaging protocolLaser scanning confocal microscopeLast Menstrual Date
LatanoprostLate-Onset Globoid Cell LeukodystrophyLate-Onset Huntington Disease
Late EndosomeLate adultLate adult human
Late adult zebrafishLate elderlyLate infant
Late newbornLate prenatalLatency
Lateral FaniculusLateral accessory lobe
Lateral accessory lobe commissureLateral agranular fieldLateral amygdalar nucleus of ABA 2009
Lateral amygdaloid nucleuLateral amygdaloid nucleusLateral amygdaloid nucleus, dorsolateral part
Lateral amygdaloid nucleus, ventrolateral partLateral amygdaloid nucleus, ventromedial partLateral amygdaloid nucleus dorsolateral part of PHT00
Lateral amygdaloid nucleus lateral part of PHT00Lateral amygdaloid nucleus of PHT00Lateral amygdaloid nucleus ventrolateral part of PHT00
Lateral amygdaloid nucleus ventromedial part of PHT00Lateral and rotational curvatureLateral bed nucleus of the stria terminalis
Lateral cell body glial cellLateral cell body regionLateral central nucleus of the amygdala
Lateral cerebellar nucleus parvicellular part of PHT00Lateral cerebro-cervical fascicleLateral cervical nucleus
Lateral cervical tractLateral complexLateral cord
Lateral cord glial cellLateral cord neuronLateral cord subset glial cell
Lateral cord subset neuronLateral cord surface glial cellLateral core of antennal mechanosensory and motor center

*Note: Neurolex imports many terms and their ids from existing community ontologies, e.g., the Gene Ontology. Neurolex, however, is a dynamic site and any content beyond the identifier should not be presumed to reflect the content or views of the source ontology. Users should consult with the authoritative source for each ontology for current information.