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S-AdenosylmethionineS-LNv Pdf neuronS-LNv neuron
S-cone cellS100 betaS129A Alpha-Synuclein Drosophila
S129D Alpha-Synuclein DrosophilaS1P1 receptorS1P1 receptor (nifext 7960)
S1P1 receptor (nifext 7963)S1P1 receptor (nifext 7966)S1P2 receptor
S1P2 receptor (nifext 7222)S1P2 receptor (nifext 7225)S1P2 receptor (nifext 7228)
S1P3 receptorS1P3 receptor (nifext 7927)S1P3 receptor (nifext 7930)
S1P3 receptor (nifext 7933)S1P4 receptorS1P4 receptor (nifext 7459)
S1P4 receptor (nifext 7462)S1P4 receptor (nifext 7465)S1P5 receptor
S1P5 receptor (nifext 6613)S1P5 receptor (nifext 6616)S1P5 receptor (nifext 6619)
SEM imaging protocolSERCASERCA1
SERCA3SER LumenSER Membrane
SNaSNbSNc (FBbt Term)
SOG ventral unpaired median neuronSOP Authorization CommentSOP Authorization Date and Time
SOP Class UIDSOP Classes SupportedSOP Classes in Study
SOP Instance StatusSOP Instance UIDSP1 neuron
SP3 neuronSPC/LPC receptorSPC/LPC receptor - unspecified 1
SPC/LPC receptor - unspecified 1 (nifext 6204)SPC/LPC receptor - unspecified 1 (nifext 6207)SPC/LPC receptor - unspecified 1 (nifext 6210)
SPC/LPC receptor - unspecified 2SPC/LPC receptor - unspecified 2 (nifext 6471)SPC/LPC receptor - unspecified 2 (nifext 6474)
SPC/LPC receptor - unspecified 2 (nifext 6477)SPC/LPC receptor - unspecified 3SPC/LPC receptor - unspecified 3 (nifext 6685)
SPC/LPC receptor - unspecified 3 (nifext 6688)SPC/LPC receptor - unspecified 3 (nifext 6691)SPC/LPC receptor - unspecified 4
SPC/LPC receptor - unspecified 4 (nifext 8030)SPC/LPC receptor - unspecified 4 (nifext 8033)SPC/LPC receptor - unspecified 4 (nifext 8036)
SPECT imaging protocolSST2
STDPSTEM imaging protocolSTOCK Htttm5Mem/J
SUNY Downstate Medical Center School of Graduate StudiesSUNY Upstate Medical University; New York; USASUR1
S boutonS cellSaarland University; Saarbrucken; Germany
Sabanci University; Istanbul; TurkeySaccade
Saccadic eye movementSaccharomyces cerevisiae mating typeSaccular
Sacral dorsal root ganglionSacral spinal cordSacral spinal cord central canal
Sacral spinal cord dorsal columnSacral spinal cord dorsal hornSacral spinal cord gray commissure
Sacral spinal cord gray matterSacral spinal cord lateral columnSacral spinal cord lateral horn
Sacral spinal cord ventral columnSacral spinal cord ventral commissureSacral spinal cord ventral horn
Sacral spinal cord white matterSaddleSadness
Safe Position Exit DateSafe Position Exit Time
Safe Position Return DateSafe Position Return TimeSag ratio
Sagittal localizer scanSaguinusSaguinus midas
Saguinus midas midasSaguinus nigerSagulum nucleus
Sagulum nucleus of PHT00SaimiriSaimiri ustus
SaimiriinaeSaint Louis University; Missouri; USASaint Louis University School of Medicine; Missouri; USA
Saint Petersburg Academic University; Saint Petersburg; RussiaSalbutamolSalicyclic acid
SalienceSalivary gland nerveSalmeterol
Salmon CalcitoninSalsalateSaltatory conduction
Salthouse and babcock listening span taskSalty taste sensationSame-different task
Sample dissectionSample populationSample sectioning
Samples per PixelSamples per Pixel UsedSampling Frequency
Sampling rateSamuel Roberts Noble FoundationSan Diego State University; California; USA
San Francisco State University; California; USASanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute
Sapienza University of Rome; Rome; ItalySaquinavirSarah Cannon Research Institute; Tennessee; USA
SarcopterygiiSargramostimSarkosyl solubility assay
Satellite CellSatellite glial cellSatumomab Pendetide
Saturated blueSaturated brownSaturated cyan
Saturated greenSaturated magentaSaturated orange
Saturated purpleSaturated redSaturated violet
Saturated yellowSaturation RecoverySauria
SaurischiaSauropsidaScaffolding Protein
Scale for the Assessment of Negative SymptomsScale for the Assessment of Positive Symptoms
ScallopedScalyScan-related personnel attribute
Scan ArcScan LengthScan Velocity
Scanning SequenceScanning electron microscopeScanning electron microscopic imaging assay
ScarredScatter Correction MethodScatter Fraction Factor
Scattered spatiotemporal regionScattered temporal regionScene recognition task
Schaffer collateralSchaffer collateralsScheduled Admission Date
Scheduled Admission TimeScheduled Discharge DateScheduled Discharge Time
Scheduled Human Performers SequenceScheduled Patient Institution ResidenceScheduled Performing Physician Identification Sequence
Scheduled Performing Physicians NameScheduled Procedure Step DescriptionScheduled Procedure Step End Date
Scheduled Procedure Step End TimeScheduled Procedure Step IDScheduled Procedure Step Location
Scheduled Procedure Step Modification Date and TimeScheduled Procedure Step SequenceScheduled Procedure Step Start Date
Scheduled Procedure Step Start Date and TimeScheduled Procedure Step Start TimeScheduled Procedure Step Status
Scheduled Processing Applications Code SequenceScheduled Protocol Code SequenceScheduled Station AE Title
Scheduled Station Class Code SequenceScheduled Station Geographic Location Code SequenceScheduled Station Name
Scheduled Station Name Code SequenceScheduled Step Attributes SequenceScheduled Study AE Title
Scheduled Study LocationScheduled Study Location AE TitleScheduled Study Start Date
Scheduled Study Start TimeScheduled Study Stop DateScheduled Study Stop Time
Scheduled Workitem Code SequenceSchemaSchizophora
SchizophreniaSchizosaccharomyces pombe mating typeSchmidtea
Schmidtea novaSchmidtt-Lanterman CleftSchwann Cell
Schwann Cell Compact MyelinSchwann Cell MicrovillusSchwann Cell Myelin Sheath
Schwann Cell Paranodal TerminationSciatic nerveScience Foundation Ireland
Scientific disciplineScintillation detection instrumentSciode Medical Associates; New York; USA
ScissorsSciurognathiScolopidial neuron
ScopolamineScotopic threshold responseScott and White Healthcare; Texas; USA
ScrapieScripps College; California; USAScripps Health; California; USA
Scripps Translational Science InstituteSdffdsh bfsfdhs testSearch
Seasonal Affective DisorderSeattle Childrens Hospital; Washington; USASecobarbital
Second cervical dorsal root ganglionSecond cervical spinal cord segmentSecond lumbar dorsal root ganglion
Second lumbar spinal cord segmentSecond optic chiasmSecond sacral dorsal root ganglion
Second sacral spinal cord segmentSecond thoracic dorsal root ganglionSecond thoracic spinal cord segment
Second trimesterSecondary Capture Device IDSecondary Capture Device Manufacturer
Secondary Capture Device Manufacturers Model NameSecondary Capture Device Software VersionSecondary Counts Accumulated
Secondary Counts TypeSecondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis
Secondary dataSecondary fissureSecondary fissure of PHT00
Secondary lysosomeSecondary motor area layer 1 of ABA 2009Secondary motor area layer 2/3 of ABA 2009
Secondary motor area layer 5 of ABA 2009Secondary motor area layer 6a of ABA 2009Secondary motor area layer 6b of ABA 2009
Secondary motor area of ABA 2009Secondary motor area of Swanson 2004Secondary olfactory cortex
Secondary somatosensory cortex external part of PHT00Secondary somatosensory cortex internal part of PHT00Secondary somatosensory cortex of PHT00
SecretaseSecretinSegment of fan-shaped body
Segment part of cervical spinal cordSegment part of lumbar spinal cordSegment part of sacral spinal cord
Segment part of thoracic spinal cordSegmental nerveSegmental nerve of A1-7
Segmental nerve pioneer neuronSegmental nerve rootSegmental nerve root glial cell
Segmentation softwareSegmented Blue Palette Color Lookup Table DataSegmented Green Palette Color Lookup Table Data
Segmented Red Palette Color Lookup Table DataSegmented k-Space TraversalSeizures
Selective attentionSelective attention taskSelective stop signal task
Selectivity filterSelegilineSelenium Sulfide
Self-administrationSelf-ordered pointing taskSelf-rating Anxiety Scale
Self-regulationSelf-renewalSelf monitoring
Self ordered pointing testSelf stimulation paradigmSemantic anomaly judgement task
Semantic association taskSemantic categorySemantic information
Semantic knowledgeSemantic mark upSemantic memory
Semantic processingSemantic working memory
Semi-deciduous(plant)Semi-fertileSemi-lethal (sensu genetics)
Semi-viableSemi structured knowledge

*Note: Neurolex imports many terms and their ids from existing community ontologies, e.g., the Gene Ontology. Neurolex, however, is a dynamic site and any content beyond the identifier should not be presumed to reflect the content or views of the source ontology. Users should consult with the authoritative source for each ontology for current information.