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X-Linked RetinoschisisX-Ray Image Receptor AngleX-Ray Image Receptor Translation
X-Ray OutputX-Ray Tube Current in uAX-Ray crystallography instrument
X-ray crystallographyX-ray imaging protocolXCEDE term
XCL1XCL2XCR1 receptor
XCR1 receptor (nifext 5934)XCR1 receptor (nifext 5938)XCR1 receptor (nifext 5941)
X Focus CenterX offset in Slide Coordinate SystemX ray microscopy protocol
XanthophyllXavier University of Louisiana; Louisiana; USAXenopodinae
XenopusXenopus (birnlex 235)Xenopus laevis
Xiamen University; Xiamen; ChinaXiphoid thalamic nucleus of PHT00Xiphosura