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Y-shapedY1 receptorY1 receptor (nifext 7568)
Y1 receptor (nifext 7571)Y1 receptor (nifext 7574)Y2 receptor
Y2 receptor (nifext 7601)Y2 receptor (nifext 7604)Y2 receptor (nifext 7607)
Y4 receptorY4 receptor (nifext 6067)Y4 receptor (nifext 6070)
Y4 receptor (nifext 6073)Y5 receptorY5 receptor (nifext 5811)
Y5 receptor (nifext 5814)Y5 receptor (nifext 5817)YIc
YIiYMY Focus Center
Y interneuronY neuronY neuron Y1
Y neuron Y2Y neuron Y3Y neuron Y4
Y neuron Y5Y neuron Y6Y neuron vGlutYnew1
Y offset in Slide Coordinate SystemYale School of Medicine; Connecticut; USAYale University; Connecticut; USA
Yamaguchi University; Yamaguchi; JapanYear of BirthYeast mating type
YellowYellow fluorescent proteinYellow green
Yellow orangeYeshiva University; New York; USAYeungnam University; North Gyeongsang; South Korea
YohimbineYong Loo Lin School of Medicine; Singapore; SingaporeYonsei University; Seoul; South Korea
York University; Ontario; CanadaYoungYoung cat
Young chimpanzeeYoung dogYoung drosophila
Young humanYoung mouseYoung organism
Young ratYoung xenopusYoung zebrafish
Yunnan University; Yunnan; China